Engage In Writing Comments The Right Way

by blogmeans on Blogging the 27th Jan, 2011 6 comments

Commenting is as much a part of your business as creating content. Comment Form

But you need to comment properly for it even to matter.

The most common reason for commenting is to build backlinks. And secondly, to gain more website visitors.

True, but is it a smart strategy? Brian Clark said “yes and no.”

Let’s get engaged the RIGHT way…

Write Meaningful Comments

A poorly thought-out comment will be a waste of time. Think about what your writing and if you need to, erase the entire comment and start over. Don’t just write anything to get a backlink.

Read The Post Before Commenting

Don’t think about commenting before reading the article. Only comment when you have something to discuss in relation to the post. Otherwise, if you drop down to the comment form you may only look stupid. Does the title really mean what it says? I’ve been fooled a time or two and for good reason. Those blog owners know what it takes to get readers.

Write More Than Two Words

Two words. Three words. Four words. No. Let’s  make a complete sentence that will attract those visitors to your blog. Remember, you want visitors. If you write a more lengthy meaningful comment, readers will see you have something to say and possibly come visit your blog.

Only Add Healthy Comments

If the comments are not going to be juice filled, don’t do it. Content is king and that’s what will get you noticed. You want to build a relationship with the owner, current readers, and new visitors to come. Great content will allow you to build those lasting blog relationships that drive visitors to you.

Take a Unique Stance

The same old comment can be boring. Try to put a twist on your comment writing skills each time. Unique is what makes us different.

Things you should NOT do…

Put Keywords In the Name Area

Having keywords in the name area will probably just get your comment deleted and fast. You should only put your name there for a more personal look. It’s okay to add your website, such as BlogMeanscom or something similar. Again though, your name adds a personal touch.

Don’t Add Your Domain URL in The Comment

I know you want to insure readers will see you, but there is no need to add it again. The URL is already listed under your name. Most website visitors will quickly find this out.

Go Outside Your Niche If Building Backlinks

Planning on building backlinks? YES! That’s okay, so long as you stick to your niche. Google will rank your website better when content is relevant. If you are commenting on other niches it’s best to just leave out your URL.

Don’t Curse

Cursing usally just gets the comment deleted. Not all sites are kid friendly, but never the less you shouldn’t do so as a courtesy.

Argue with Other Commenters

Stating your opinions is okay. However, when it turns to arguing about something it’s not. Discuss the varying matters, but without all the bickering. Bringing up valid points makes for more thought, as to arguing just leads to wasted time and effort.

Blog commenting should be a part of your business. They can help build your own community through new relationships and create long term ones as well. But blog comments should follow having great content, meaninful thoughts, and relate to the writing.

Go ahead, write your comment!

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6 Responses to “Engage In Writing Comments The Right Way”

  1. d3so says:

    These are guidelines that should be mandatory when commenting.
    I tend to break some of these rules but I do my best to leave quality comments on blogs I visit.

  2. Roger says:


    Your right, these should be mandatory and we all can tend to break the rules once in a while. If we have enough motivation to succeed, we work hard enough in doing what’s needed, such as following certain guidelines to commenting.

    Thanks, Roger

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

  4. Roger says:

    Just glad to help!

  5. Your advice as something more concrete sound and I personally find it very helpful.Commenting is a best way to drive traffic,simply commenting is not worth . Useing a proper comment system with WordPress. which helps users sign-in just once and use anywhere. A typical SSO-based comment system.Moderator gets a control panel, which is much more flexible than WP inbuilt.If any one’s primary goal is to leave fast comments on the posts of larger blogs in your niche just to get a few clicks from the passing traffic,then you are wasting time You could get more traffic from one piece of stellar content than months of that type of comment strategy.however.How about a seo strategy?

  6. Roger says:

    Yes, commenting alone will not bring in a lot of traffic. However, it is a good way to bring in some extra traffic and start getting noticed when new. Commenting also serves the purpose of showing your being involved. It let’s other readers know you care, are willing, and have some sort of expertise (if you do).

    And… you are very right in the fact quality content can bring in a lot of traffic with some good SEO efforts. Commenting is not to be replaced by them, but in addition.

    Thanks, for commenting!

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